CLEARIT exclusive: Interview with Federal Councilor Schneider-Ammann

In a CLEARIT interview, the head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research welcomes the initiative by the Swiss financial center regarding the harmonization and digitization of payment traffic.

Johann Schneider-Amman emphasizes the opportunities that the digital transformation holds for the economy. The Federal Council seeks to provide the leeway necessary to facilitate this. He also mentions fintech regulation, cyber security, digital identity and the relationship with the EU – all integral components of the Federal Council’s “Digital Switzerland” strategy.

In the editorial, Léonard Bôle, Member of the Executive Board of the Swiss Federal Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, writes about the new payments regulations, which are unique in international comparison. They create a clear regulatory framework that removes any unnecessary obstacles hindering technological development.


You can also read about the media echo on the launch of the information campaign by PaymentStandards.CH under the motto “Harmonization of payments – the countdown is running”. The QR-bill is another digitization issue, slated to replace the payment slip which has proven itself in the course of more than 110 years. This good Swiss tradition will be reinterpreted in a contemporary form and shall be continued with the QR-bill.

Major study

The Swiss financial center has charted the course in payment traffic for all of Switzerland with the harmonization of payments: every household and every company must make adaptations, beginning with their own habits, to simple software updates and on through to substantial investments in IT systems. Is this effort and expense worth it for Switzerland and can it be justified? To get to the bottom of these questions, the consulting firm Deloitte has been commissioned to conduct a study. CLEARIT reveals some of the most important findings.

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